Horror Ghouls

Vanja and I just started a new horror movie website: “Horror Ghouls” ! Here we will post horror movie reviews, and horror shorts…and we also have our mascot, Mr. Ghööl, give “badges” to the movies.

My love for horror movies hasn’t faded over the years, and two years in a row I’ve had “Monsters of October” here on my blog. This has always been limited to October, however…and I’ve missed writing about horror movies on a more frequent scale. I used to run a norwegian horror movie website called Skrekkmania, but that’s been offline for years now. So when Vanja introduced me to the idea of a new horror movie website (after we got our recent batch of new horror movie dvd’s) I was thrilled! And thus, “Horror Ghouls” became a reality.

The website is now filled with the old “Monsters of October” reviews, but also some posts about horror shorts and a brand new review. It will be updated frequently, so check it out: