Happy new year and happy new Bella episode!


Hope you enjoy.

The next episode of Bella Mortis Presents has been in the works for some time now, and it’s a story that will be split into two parts because it’s a rather lengthy one. Here’s a little preview.. and I would also like to show you how Vanja and I work together when it comes to the manuscript.  She’s drawing sketched pages (sometimes rough and sometimes more detailed), and I draw from these. Sometimes we make some changes in the layout and text and such during the process. Take a look below 🙂


Bella Mortis Presents


Bella Mortis Presents


Bella Mortis Presents


Bella Mortis Presents


Bella Mortis Presents


Bella Mortis Presents


A new episode of the short horror comic series Bella Mortis Presents has been published today! The title of this episode is The Sphinx, and it’s a (somewhat silly) story about two tourists who are interested in the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, but ends up getting more than they bargained for..

You can read it here: http://www.bellamortispresents.com/comics/thesphinx/

As mentioned in my previous blog post, a new episode of “Bella Mortis Presents” was underway, and now it has been released! I also need to make a correction: it’s not over 30 pages, it’s actually over 40 pages, and thus the longest episode in this series so far.

In this episode, I have also added two options for reading: the normal side by side way, or an option where you scroll down to read the pages.

You can read it here: http://www.bellamortispresents.com/comics/hunger/index.html

I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂


Bella Mortis is soon going to be back again! And it’s been a while. Time surely flies.

While our Patrons have gotten several Sally the Ghost Hunter updates with batches of new pages every time, the latest update of Bella Mortis Presents was in February 2018. Previously, I have added episodes in “seasons” with 6 episodes each, but some of the planned stories will be much longer than many of the earlier episodes, so I have decided to change the way this horror comic series is updated. From now on, I’ll update it whenever I have a new episode ready.

Speaking of which: a new episode is now close to being released! It is called “Hunger“, and the story is set in the colonial times in the US. This episode will be over 30 pages, and thus one of the more lengthier episodes in the series.

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