Welcome to Stavanger. Now, let me show you something you definitely won’t find listed in the tourist guide: Our own, obscure murder house.

Stavanger Murder House


Mirza Ghulam Hussain was not a good man, to put it mildly. In July 2007 he killed his brother-in-law, Zahid Mahmood Butt (both originally from Pakistan). He chopped his body in pieces in which he buried in the flower bed in the garden. The body was buried in seven parts, and put in trash bags with the internal organs removed. They were found six months later by the police cadaver dogs. A pretty grotesque and messy case that could be something straight out from a song by Cannibal Corpse. At that time, this wasn’t a common crime scene to witness in tiny Norway (and still isn’t) and the police really struggled with the case. Other than family conflicts with money involved, the motives stayed unclear. Mizra was sentenced to 19 years by Stavanger District Court. In addition, he was also convicted for molesting young boys between 1989-2001.

Mizra died in prison a few years later (at the age of 59) and his daughter took over the property. She stated in an interview that this is still her dream house from which she refuses to move out from, despite the grisly murder that took place and the whole notoriety surrounding the area, hanging over it like a constant black cloud. Still, the house has just decayed and rotted away over the past 13 years. But at least someone placed some flowers in the windows, trying to make it a little more cozy, it seems. What happens next with the property is uncertain. I decided to snap some pictures before it might eventually get demolished.


Stavanger Murder House


Some articles about the case (in Norwegian)

Here’s some of my trailer reactions to the titles we didn’t get around to see, and some who just flew completely under our radar. Further reviews (for those of them that we’ll check out later) will be uploaded on horrorghouls.com


The Dead don’t die

Kylo Ren and Peter Venkman are two police officers who must fight against zombies in a sleepy American town. Doesn’t seem to have much of a plot.. but when an indie filmmaker like Jim Jarmusch, who’s primarily given us poetic dramas and underground art-house films, suddenly makes a mainstream genre film like this, well, it must be at least something unconventional. I don’t know what to expect, really..


Ready or Not

When you’re about to get married into a filthy rich elite-family where the mother-in-law gives you the death stare, and looks like the devil incarnate straight from The Illuminati, it’s probably not a bad idea to just run far, far away. I get some exploitation vibes here, especially by looking at the poster, and that’s a good thing.


Dr. Sleep

Here’s Dr. Sleeeeep… I’ve seen this trailer several times in the movie theater, and it just didn’t manage to hype me very much. When the archive footage from the Stanley Kubrick version looks so much more scary than Dr. Sleep itself, with the trailer ending with the classic bone-shilling synth track and all, that’s not a good sign. But Mike Flanagan is a talented filmmaker, and I really enjoyed his first season of “The Haunting of Hill House”,  so I’m prepared to be surprised.



Ooooh, you better watch out for that spoOOoky app… I just despise smartphones, hoarded with all these fucking, useless apps and all the irritating sounds they make. App this, app that, app in your apphole. So it’s no surprise that I can’t relate much to a cursed app that kills some dumb, degenerated  teenagers. I doesn’t sound a bit scary, either. But I could be wrong. And for all I know, it could be an unintentionally fun film..


De Dødes Tjern (Lake of Death)

Haha, dear Lord, this just looks hilariously bad. Norwegian horror films has been a dead horse for many years now, and it doesn’t seem to get any better with this one. In this case it looks so funny-bad that Vanja and I was actually eager to see it for just the shits and giggles. Just look at that fake jump-scare at the end of the trailer. James wan should takes some notes. But since the film flopped so hard that it was pulled from the screen just under a week, we’ll have to wait for the DVD or streaming.


The Nightingale

«The Babadook» was a mixed bag for my part, but it clearly showed that the newcomer Jennifer Kent knew how to create melancholy atmosphere and give an insight into mental illness and severe depression in an rather unique way. And her second film, “The Nightingale” doesn’t look any more cheerful, to say at least. Some overwhelmingly positive things have been said about this movie, so yeah, I’m a bit curious.


Black Christmas

Uhm… No thanks!

Happy, scary new year! We, The Horror Ghouls, saw 13 horror films at the big screen in 2019, and here’s a quick summary with links to the reviews. And as you have probably figured out, Vanja has so far been the one who covers the theatrical releases.


The theatrical screenings:

The Wilson family owns a vacation house near the beach in Santa Cruz. Adelaide, the wife in the family, had an experience at that beach when she was a little girl and has no desire at all to revisit the place. Her husband convinces her to go there, however, together with the Tyler family to …



Pet Sematary
Dr. Louis Creed and his family have decided to move away from Boston and settle down in rural Maine in order to live a more quiet life, and give Louis more time with his family: Rachel, his wife, Ellie, his daughter, and Gage, his young son. Their new home seem to be peaceful and nice…except …



The Curse of La Llorona
We’re in the 1970’s Los Angeles. Anna, a social worker who’s now alone with her two children after her husband’s death, is at the risk of having some of her cases handed over to her co-worker, one of them being the case of Patricia Alvarez and her two boys. She demands to get the rights …



Tori and Kyle are struggling to have a child, when one night something from outer space crashes nearby their farm. Just like a blessing from above, it’s some sort of space craft that includes a little baby boy, and the couple are happy to take care of him and raise him as their own (hmm…have …



Sue Ann is a lonely middle-aged woman who befriends a group of teenagers when they beg her to buy some booze for them. She eventually lets them have their parties in the basement of her own house, and the teenagers all think they’ve gotten really lucky. One of the teenagers jokingly nickname her “Ma”…



Annbelle Comes Home
In this third “Annabelle” horror movie, we follow the doll to its final destination: the Warren’s occult museum, which houses all kinds of cursed and possessed items. After the Warrens bring the doll back home with them, they quickly realize that the doll has the ability to possess and control the other things around her, …



Haley is a young woman who is struggling to become a champion swimmer, and her competitive nature keeps her always trying to reach her best potential. When her sister calls and informs her that their father won’t answer his phone, she decides to drive to his house and check for him. The problem is that …



Child’s Play
Kaslan Products have invented a brand new toy: Buddi, the interactive doll that is the most high-tech product available that can also connect to all other Kaslan products and smart home devices. These dolls are produced at a factory in Vietnam, under terrible working conditions. The movie starts off showing us one of the depressed …



Dani and Christian, a young American couple, are at the brink of breaking up. Christian has already started planning a trip abroad with his friends and is more or less starting to walk out the door on the relationship, but after Dani experiences a horrible family tragedy where she loses her parents and sister in …



Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
It’s 1968, and we’re in a small town called Mill Valley where a group of teens are dressing up and getting ready for Halloween. This trio consists of Stella, an aspiring horror writer, a nervous nerd named Auggie, and the prankster Chuck. It’s their final year of trick-or-treating on Halloween together, and they’ve planned to …



It: Chapter Two
It’s now been 27 years since “The Losers Club” had their first and terrifying encounter with the child-eating entity Pennywise. They have all moved on with their lives, and away from Derry and its awful memories. With the exception of Mike, the only one of them who stayed behind. When Mike starts noticing the tell-tale …



In The Tall Grass 
A sister (Becky) and brother (Cal) is driving close by a vast field area of tall grass in the middle of Kansas. She is pregnant, and they stop by a deserted church because she’s gotten a bit carsick. There, they hear a young boy’s cry for help from the tall grass, claiming he’s lost and …



A couple (Elin and Tobias) is on a vacation with their young daughter (Maja), when a serious case of food-poisoning causes the mother to become very ill. She is rushed to the hospital, and the whole family is spending the night in the hospital room, awaiting the mother’s recovery. When the next day arrives, which …




DVD’s and streaming:


The Guardian (1990)






HELL FEST (2018)





MR. JONES (2013)




THE MIMIC (2017)








WISH UPON (2017)


Haunted Hospital: Heilstätten (2018)



IT (2017)


NAILS (2017)







I will also soon add a post about movies we missed out, that we eventually will see on DVD / streaming.