Last year, around this time, a stray cat mother and her little kitten decided to move into our backyard. We first tried to call the local animal protection center, but they didn’t have the capacity to take in any more cats (unfortunately, some people have a fucked up way to treat cats like trash and dump them whenever they please).

We decided to try and tame them. This was a long and somewhat tedious task, considering that they were both terrified at first, and they would not come inside the house. We placed a “cat house” in the garden for them so they could keep warm at least. After a few months we were at least able to get the kitten to come inside, and thought it was a she…so we named the cat “Philippa” (we call the mother “Fia”). After a while, however, when “Philippa” became tame enough so we could pet “her” and she would start sleeping inside the house, we figured out we’d been wrong, and that “Philippa” is actually a he. But alright, we just removed a letter from the name so now the kitty is “Philip” instead.

As for both cats, they now have a much better life (after getting their first deworming treatment we especially noticed a significant change in Fia, the mother. Afterwards her fur got more “shine” to it and she started looking much healthier overall).

While they’re both still two scaredy-cats, and will bail if someone else comes around, they now greet us with their cat-smile (if you don’t know, cats “smile” to you when they slowly blink their eyes together while looking at you ?). So it is possible to tame stray cats, but it will most likely take some time.

Some pics:

Smugmug gallery of Philip when he was a kitten (and we still called him Philippa)

Philip (kitten) and Fia (photo from last year):

Philip The Cat turned into Philippa The Cat