The part 2 of Dear Sister is finally here:




Happy new year and happy new Bella episode!

Hope you enjoy.


A new episode of the short horror comic series Bella Mortis Presents has been published today! The title of this episode is The Sphinx, and it’s a (somewhat silly) story about two tourists who are interested in the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, but ends up getting more than they bargained for..

You can read it here:

As mentioned in my previous blog post, a new episode of “Bella Mortis Presents” was underway, and now it has been released! I also need to make a correction: it’s not over 30 pages, it’s actually over 40 pages, and thus the longest episode in this series so far.

In this episode, I have also added two options for reading: the normal side by side way, or an option where you scroll down to read the pages.

You can read it here:

I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

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