Frankenstein and Shiver by Junji Ito

When Vanja and I visited Trondheim (my city of birth) for the holidays, we went to a comic book store called “Outland”. This store has been selling various manga/anime/game related stuff for years, and this time we found two hard-cover comics from Junji Ito. He actually had his own shelf dedicated to his works.

Vanja, who has been a big fan of his works for years, introduced me to Junji Ito’s comics when we started dating back in 2007. Before I moved in with her in 2008, and still lived in Trondheim, she let me borrow “Uzumaki” , his most known works. I’ve seen a bunch of weird and bizarre japanese movies throughout the years, but to this date I haven’t read anything like this. And of course, only someone from Japan could make up stuff like this. His unique drawing style makes it a morbid, fun and fascinating reading experience. Highly recommended.

(And I also saw the movie based on the Uzumaki comics afterwards, which wasn’t that great…  Maybe I’ll talk more about it another time.)

Frankenstein” and “Shiver” is a collection of Junji Ito’s short comics (with “Frankenstein” actually being one of his longer comics, but the book also contains several of his short stories). And I never cease to be amazed by his totally weird imagination. Giant head-shaped balloons flying around and using their rope to hang people, a house with people living as puppets controlled by wire, and a fashion model that is actually a hideous monster… yeah, only Junji Ito could come up with stuff like that.


Frankenstein by Junji Ito

The strange tale of Oshikiri, by Junji Ito

Honored Ancestors, by Junji Ito

Honored Ancestors, by Junji Ito