Bella Mortis is celebrating four years today, and for that occasion I have decided to make a quick Top 10-list over my personal favorite episodes.

So far there’s 18 episodes from three seasons (six episodes per seasons), and it’s almost two years since the last episode. Yeah, it’s been a while, but as soon the next episode of Sally The Ghost Hunter is finally finished, which I’ve worked on-and-off for five years  now in between all the other projects, I’ll start right away with new episodes. Vanja have already written the episodes to fill the next seasons, and I look really forward to draw some horror shorts again.

Here we go (not in any particular order):


Pizza Delivery

This episode is one of my favorites, probably number one, because Vanja and I had a lot of fun with the brainstorming and collaboration for the script, throwing around a lot of ideas for the progress and the ending. And we chose a pretty meaty one. With its 40 pages it’s so far the longest episode.Bon appetit!



The Window

In this episode, a prank goes horribly wrong. Fun fact: The house in this episode is a reference from The Sallie House, and the window from the American Gothic painting. I really enjoyed drawing from those references, so this is thus one of my favorites.



The Cabin

The first episode with the introduction of Bob Sims the Exorcist and Bella Mortis herself. Also watch out for a quick cameo by Vanja and I. The Norwegian-inspired mountain landscapes was a real joy to draw, which made this first episode fun to work with.



Found Footage

A young couple are hiking in the deepest part of the woods, where they find a video camera with some disturbing images. While I have to admit that I was really, really tired of drawing trees upon finishing this episode, I still think back to it as a very fun episode to draw, and I liked the “found footage” theming.



Flower Girls

If you want blood and boobies, you’ve got it! I really liked being able to draw some tits, cryptids and monster girls in this episode, and the jungle theme was really fun to draw as well (warming a bit up for the Zombolia project!).



Your Favorite Christmas

A local newspaper is having their annual drawing contest for kids, where the children can draw their favorite Christmas. The editor is enjoying the contributions so far, until a boy named Tim is sharing a far more… well, unconventional Christmas memory, to put it mildly. What I really liked about drawing this episode, was trying to go for the “child’s drawing” look.




Vanja is a big fan of sea-monsters, creature-feature-flicks and overall the deepest mysteries of the ocean, which is reflected by this episode. And I got to draw a huge sea-monster over two pages, which also ended up on a T-shirt. So I had a lot of fun with this one!



The Smiling ghost

In this episode, a girl thinks she’s seeing a smiling woman at the end of the stairs. What I enjoyed about working on this episode, was drawing the actual ghost woman and her appearance…and I also liked doing that “happy” ending 😉




A young man is revisiting the forest he used to play in as a kid. He had a vivid imagination, but certain things proves to have been a bit too real. In this episode, I had a lot of fun drawing the boy’s imaginative monsters, and the slight “fantasy” tone in it.



Cabin Fever

A family is going to their cabin for the winter holiday, but a snow-storm keeps them locked inside. After a trip outside to bring in some firewood, the parents starts acting strange…very strange. In this episode I had to draw snow-filled scenery, something that was quite fun to do. And of course, there were some blood ‘n gore to draw as well, which is right up my alley! 😉


And at last, some honorable mentions: the rest of the episodes!

happy helloween

the house by the road

the stalker

my daughter’s room

working late

the last hike

trick or treat

the white cat


Vanja’s been providing me with convenient scripts that have both given me guidance and freedom when creating these comics, so like I said, I’m already looking forward to start on the next season!

Now that the third season of “Bella Mortis Presents” is completed (with “Cabin Fever” being the final episode of the season), I will now work on the 6th episode of “Sally The Ghost Hunter” until its completion before the next Bella-season starts.

Below is a page from a scene with Michael, which was posted last year on Patreon. More preview pages will be posted there, and I’ll also post sneak-peeks here on my blog.

Sally The Ghost Hunter, episode 6 preview

A new episode of Bella Mortis Presents is out! It’s called «Cabin Fever».

In this episode, a family is going to their cabin during the winter. A snowstorm is putting a damper on their little vacation, and something strange is happening to the parents…

Short horror webcomic

You can read the comic here:

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