Now that the third season of “Bella Mortis Presents” is completed (with “Cabin Fever” being the final episode of the season), I will now work on the 6th episode of “Sally The Ghost Hunter” until its completion before the next Bella-season starts.

Below is a page from a scene with Michael, which was posted last year on Patreon. More preview pages will be posted there, and I’ll also post sneak-peeks here on my blog.

Sally The Ghost Hunter, episode 6 preview

A new episode of Bella Mortis Presents is out! It’s called «Cabin Fever».

In this episode, a family is going to their cabin during the winter. A snowstorm is putting a damper on their little vacation, and something strange is happening to the parents…

Short horror webcomic

You can read the comic here:

Here’s some preview pages from the upcoming “Bella Mortis Presents” episode (these pages were released earlier on Patreon). The title of this episode is “Cabin Fever”.

Bella Mortis Presents, Cabin Fever previews

Bella Mortis Presents, Cabin Fever previews

Bella Mortis Presents, Cabin Fever previews

Bella Mortis Presents, Cabin Fever previews

Bella Mortis Presents, Cabin Fever previews

A new episode of Bella Mortis Presents is out! It’s called «The White Cat» (patreon supporters got a couple preview pages of it in November).

«The White Cat» is the story of Otis, a middle-aged man who married his wife for her money, only to find out she’s a real cheapskate who refuses to spend money on anything that isn’t necessary. He decides to kill both his wife and her cat…but of course, things don’t go exactly as planned…

Short horror webcomic

You can read the comic here:

Vanja and I sometimes get questions or comments regarding our Patreon projects, which we have at:

I’d like to list some of these here (aside from those already answered on the page).


I’m a patron, and at the start of every month when the pledges are being processed, I’m getting a decline. I then have to off-pledge and re-pledge just to make it go through. Why does this happen?

  • Answer: Unfortunately, this is a common problem (see here: At the beginning of every month there’s always a huge amount of declines (this is why most Patreon accounts takes a dive in amount of pledges at the beginning of every month). Due to this, some people also off-pledge at the end of the month just to re-pledge at the beginning of the next. Patreon will attempt to charge again, but it’s also possible to manually re-pledge by simply clicking “retry”.

How long do I have to be a patron?

  • Answer: That’s entirely up to you! When you pledge, you will be a patron for said month (new patrons are charged immediately upon pledging, but will be charged again on the 1st of every month). We appreciate all the support we get, even if it’s just once.

If I’ve just made a pledge, and decide to change it to another amount, will I get charged the full amount once again?

  • Answer: No. If you make a $5 pledge, for example, and lower it to $1, you will not get charged anything extra. If you rise the pledge from $5 to $10, you will get charged the additional $5 (since you already pledged and paid $5). The amount you’ve changed it to will be the amount you’ll be charged the next month (unless you change it again or remove the pledge).

Will “Sally The Ghost Hunter” be completed, or will it be an on-going series that will never reach a conclusion?

  • Sally The Ghost Hunter” will have an ending. We still have a couple issues left until that happens, but this project will have a conclusion.


That’s it for now. If you have any questions not answered here, you could always add it in the comments field below, or send us an e-mail or a PM through Patreon.

A new episode of «Bella Mortis Presents» is out! It’s called «Trick or Treat», and it’s about three boys that are on their quest for candy on Halloween. One of the boys wants to go to an old house, but the two others have their own opinions of why that’s not a good idea…however, things are not always what they seem 😉

Bella Mortis Presents Trick or Treat Halloween

You can read the comic here:

Today, a new episode of “Bella Mortis Presents” was published!

The title is “The Smiling Ghost“, and can be read here:

Ghost horror webcomic

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, “Inked In Hell”!

For several years I’ve been running this website ( where I’ve been showcasing my work. I’ve had several blogs during the years…and the last one ended up being more or less a photo blog. Not quite sure why it ended up that way, but I’ve wanted to start a more personal blog for a while now, with more in-depth posts about what I’m working on and what’s going on in my life. There’s a lot to tell, I can promise you that! 😀

I’ve been working on this blog for a few days now, and decided to use the same theme and layout as my previous blog (which has now been converted into just a photo blog). I first struggled a bit with deciding what kind of name I wanted. Some ideas were “Heads Are Gonna Roll” (as you probably have seen already, I’ve had a habit of drawing people getting their heads chopped off, specifically gothic/punk women chopping men’s heads off, and there’s also another reason I love this title which I will explain sometime later 😁 ), and things like “Tomte’s Mansion” came to mind, but was quickly discarded as being a bit too…well, dull. Another title I had in mind was “Black Ink & Nightmares”, but decided to go for “Inked In Hell”. Since I work mainly in the horror & punk/gothic genre, and often draw devilish pinups, monsters, ghosts and all kinds of hellish creatures, I found this title to be quite fitting.

I also worked on multiple headers. Below are two I decided to not use, and instead I chose a simple one with just text instead. There will be enough graphics in this blog to come anyway!

Thanks for looking around, please stay tuned if you want to see more 🙂