It’s been one year since we announced our collaboration project that would become “The Secret of Zombolia” . Still we’re far from finished, there’s a lot more things to put in place (making games really is a lot of work!) but we finally have a little preview video. This video is showing a little bit of the first level, featuring Alexa as the player. There are no enemies or such added, the only thing she does is collect some gold and a skull potion from two chests. The video was released earlier for our supporters on patreon, and there will be more videos to come until the first public demo is released. Enjoy:



And as a little celebration, Vanja baked this jungle cake decorated with snakes, bats, crocodiles and jungle leaves. Yummy! ?

Jungle 2d game concept art

Jungle 2d game concept art


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Been very busy with level designing lately which is a completely new field for me, but here I’ve got some more concept art to share. I’ve been working on some artwork for the levels, trying out some different stuff for the various parts of the jungle. Note: these aren’t screenshots, just concept artwork so it might end up looking a little bit different in the game.

And stay tuned, a preview video of the game will be uploaded within the upcoming days 🙂

Jungle 2d game concept art

Jungle 2d game concept art


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The website for “The Secret Of Zombolia” is now up, where you can read more info about the game.

 The Secret of Zombolia


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