Reading books for inspiration and entertainment is fun. With audio-books available it also gives you a perfect way to listen while working (in my case, drawing, which is impossible to do if I hold a physical book in my hands). I mostly listen to music while I’m drawing, but sometimes it’s great to listen to a good horror story. Here’s some of my recommendations of horror audio-books available on Audible:


IT, by Stephen King

Stephen King's IT, horror audio book

With the new movie recently being released, it should be a no-brainer that the audio-book is among the top-sellers on audible. The book is almost 45 hours long, and if you’ve seen both movie versions you’ll notice similarities (and differences) from the book in both. I have to honestly admit that, while the book is good and all, I did feel it dragged things on a bit, but I guess this extreme attention to detail is also why you literally feel you’re in Derry while reading it. It does have a lot of other stuff going on that is not included in either of the movie versions. A bit too long in my opinion, but overall it was nice to finally hear the original story that inspired the movies I’ve seen.


A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS, by Paul Tremblay

A head full of ghosts, horror audio book

Now this is a book that was spoken highly of by Stephen King himself on Twitter. While his praising of a book does not necessarily mean that I’ll like it, this one hit home with me. Story: a best-selling writer is interviewing Merry, a woman who grew up with an older sister who started showing signs of schizophrenia when she was 14 years old. As Merry is telling her tale, we hear the story about how her older sister descents into madness, and their previously quiet home turns into a house of horrors and unexpected events. Their parents eventually turns to a Catholic priest for help, as they start suspecting that she is possessed. While this is not a fast-paced horror story, it’s a chilling thriller that keeps you guessing what’s going on right up until the end.


BIRD BOX, by Josh Malerman

Bird box, horror audio book

This is another take on an apocalyptic world, and a really suspenseful one at that. It starts in Russia. People are going mad, killing others while killing themselves afterwards. Then, it spreads. No one knows why it happens, but what is known is that they all have seen something – something that made them so mad they could not survive. Soon, only a few survivors remain, where they must live with all the windows covered to avoid seeing whatever it is that would drive them mad. And whenever they need to go outside, they must do so blindfolded. And outside, in a world gone mad, who can be trusted?


A HOUSE BY THE SEA, by Ambrose Ibsen

A house by the sea, horror audio book

“A house by the sea” is a suspenseful supernatural horror story. It tells the story about Jack Ripley, a family man who’s become a famous writer. After his book became a best-seller, he and his family moves into an old house by the sea, only to find out that the seemingly idyllic new home is not at all what it first seemed. The house has been feared and avoided by the locals for decades, and there’s been disappearances and mysterious deaths on the grounds. Jack tries to scoff at the old tales and see it as silly superstition, only to find out that there really is a terrifying presence in the house that seeks to destroy both him and his family.


THE HOUSE, by M L Jones

The house, horror audio book

“The House” is a supernatural horror novel by M L Jones. A family moves to North Wales, hoping to start a new life in their new home next to the lake. The father, Doug, has his inner demons and an alcohol problem that he needs to control, and hopes that their seemingly peaceful new home will help him through this. However, soon upon arriving to the house, their youngest daughter Ivy finds a strange doll and is terrified by it, and claims the doll is saying terrible things to her. When Doug tries to get rid of the doll, he unknowingly unleashes something terrible, and when Ivy goes missing, Doug and his wife Joanne finds themselves battling an old evil they cannot fully understand.


SEED, by Ania Ahlborn

Seed, audio horror book

“Seed” is the story of Jack Winter, who once fled his childhood home when he was just a boy. Having experienced unspeakable horrors, he thought he had been able to leave the nightmare behind forever. However, many years later and with a family of his own, the horror from his past comes back to haunt him…and now, it wants his daughter…


HEX, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Hex, horror audio book

Whoever is born here is doomed to stay ’til death. Whoever settles never leaves. “Hex” is a mix of horror and dark fantasy. A place called Black Spring is haunted by a 17th century witch whose eyes and mouth are sewn shut. She appears everywhere, even inside people’s homes, at her own will. And everyone knows that the only thing they should do, is to ignore her and of course, never ever open her eyes. But one day, a group of teenage boys decide to break some of the town’s strict rules to keep the curse at bay…


TRANSMISSION, by Ambrose Ibsen

Transmission, audio horror book

A college student, Kenji, accidentally stumbles upon a strange recording in the background of a song. He can hear the faint voice of a woman uttering something. Curious about what this could mean, and if it is a hidden message of some kind, Kenji becomes obsessed with the recording and sets off to find answers. At the same time, a retired Vietnam vet, Reggie, has seen a woman in a video who keeps uttering…something. Soon, Kenji and Reggie meet during their search for answers. Who is that woman, and what is her secret message? The more they reveal about this woman, the more complicated and sinister her story turns out to be…


THE ELEMENTALS, by Michael McDowell

The Elementals, horror audio book

After experiencing a rather disturbing incident at a funeral, the McCray and Savage families look forward to have a nice summer break at Beldame, on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Here, there are three Victorian houses by the beach, but only two of them are habitable, as the third one has mysteriously been partly buried beneath a huge dune of sand. However, even if it’s been uninhabitated for a long time, it’s not entirely empty…inside, something deadly is waiting…


THE DEMONIC, by Lee Mountford

The demonic, horror audio book

Danni is a woman with a husband and two children, living what seems like a normal life. However, when she was a young girl she ran away from her home and her abusive father, never to go back. Now, her father is dead, and she is forced to return home to attend his funeral and the property that she’s inherited. However, something else than bad memories is waiting for her in her old childhood home…

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