Here’s some screenshots of “The Secret of Zombolia”, the collab game that Vanja and I are making together. We’ll reveal more info about story and characters very soon, but below are some screenshots featuring the three girls you’ll be able to play: Alexa (Machete Girl), Julia (Whip Girl) and Sophie (Gun Girl). You can switch between each of these characters during the game, and each of them have their own weapon which has its own specific usages (like for example how Alexa, the girl with the machete, can cut through thick bushes and clear the path). Characters are drawn and animated by Vanja.

As mentioned before, the game will have two versions: a “sfw” version and a “nsfw” version. In the latter, these three sexy chicks are ready to fuck their way through the jungle ?


The Secret of Zombolia

The Secret of Zombolia

The Secret of Zombolia


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2 Responses to “Zombolia screenshots”

  • Will Says:

    Looks great, can’t wait to play it! 😀

    I’ve been one of your patrons for a while now, will we get some early demo/preview/beta releases?

  • Tomte Says:

    Thanks! And yes, we will post more of the process trough Patreon, like more of the artwork, animations, playable previews and so on. We will start doing so next month 🙂

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