As mentioned in an earlier post, “Great Times Ahead” , Vanja and I are working on a new collaboration project. While I didn’t mention much in the post, I did reveal in the comments that it would be a game project. We are still not wanting to reveal too much just yet. It’s going to be a fairly large project with a lot of work involved, and we would like to get a bit ahead with all the work first. However, in the meantime I’ll post some concept art.

Here’s some of my level concept artwork:

Jungle 2d game background
Jungle 2d game background
Jungle 2d game background

Below are also some screenshots from the animated intro scene that Vanja’s been working on:

Animated jungle 2d game

2 Responses to “Upcoming Game Project, concept art”

  • Wolfman Says:

    That looks cool! Looking forward to see what this will become.

    Oh, and will it be a naughty game? 😛

  • Tomte Says:

    Thanks 🙂

    The game will have a sfw and a nsfw version. This means you can play it with or without the “naughty” stuff 😉

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