Yesterday was Halloween, and this year, we decided to dress up as clowns! Below are some photos:


And as always, I carved a pumpkin, Vanja baked some cakes and cupcakes, and we had a fun celebration with friends and family!


4 Responses to “Clowning around on Halloween”

  • Len80 Says:

    Cool outfits! Is Vanja wearing some kind of Harley Quinn costume?

  • Tomte Says:

    Thanks 🙂

    Vanja’s costume looks a little like Harley Quinn’s, but it’s a (and I had to ask her about this first because I had no idea where she got it from) a “Leg Avenue” costume. We didn’t go for specific characters this time, compared to last year when were dressed up as Jafar and Maleficent. We do different things each year 🙂

  • Rune Says:

    Ha ha, tøffe bilder! ;D

  • Tomte Says:

    Takk 😉

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