As I wished everyone one year agoHappy, scary new year! And, oh man, that just aged like a fine wine, didn’t it…

Anyway, despite that the movie theatres was shut down for several months, we did at least got to see some screenings, and down below is a quick summary with links.


The theatrical screenings:


Hamburg, Germany in the early 70’s. It’s a regular day at the tiny, cramped pub Der Goldene Handschuh (The Golden Glove). A playlist with depressing German schlager songs are being played in the background as we get introduced to a group of outlived and wrinkled prostitutes, and hardcore alcoholics.



On a remote New England Island in the 1890s, two lighthouse keepers have to stay there for four weeks. Thomas Wake, the oldest between the two, has been watching over the lighthouse for a long time and is used to the unfavorable conditions.



Cecilia manages to escape a controlling and abusive relationship, but struggles to overcome the negative impact the experience has had on her life. Still paranoid and afraid her ex will come after her, she suddenly receives the news that he has committed suicide…and that she has been written into his will.



Kay needs to visit her old family home after receiving the message that her elderly mother Edna has gone missing. Bringing her daughter Sam with her, they both try to find clues which could help them figure out Edna’s whereabouts.



Oliver is a young non-verbal autistic boy who communicates through tablets and smartphones. His parents are struggling with their relationship, he is bullied at school, and he is lonely and longing for a friend.



DVD’s and streaming:


Bread and Circus (2003)

The bride of frank (1996)

The wind (2018)

polaroid (2019)

Bad ben (2016)

possum (2018)

cellar dweller (1988)

ouija (2014)

ouija: origin of evil (2016)

begotten (1989)

mørke sjeler (2010)

city of the living dead (1980)

haunt (2019)

verotika (2019)

killer sofa (2019)

i see you (2019)

the beyond (1981)

street trash (1987)

the turning (2020)

beyond the limits (2003)

the lodge (2019)

the other hell (1981)

wither (2012)

Upír z Feratu (1982)

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

deep rising (1998)

the enfield haunting (2015)

felidae (1994)

pieces (1992)

the house by the cemetery (1991)

ouija shark (2020)

titicut follies (1967)

mystics in bali (1981)

the skull (1965)

next of kin  (1982)

carny (2009)

the call of cthulhu (2005)

call girl  of cthulhu (2014)

nekromantik (1987)

pyewacket (2017)

the atticus institute (2015)

the evil (1978)

Wer (2013)

inside (2007)