Alle må dø (All Must Die)

Last year’s “De Dødes Tjern” has not yet been released on DVD / streaming, and here we already have this year’s new Norwegian horror film, soon ready to penetrate the silver screen. A group of ladies are going to a cabin in the deep woods to throw a bachelorette party, where an ax killer shows up to kill them one by one. My reaction: Meh. More blood and tits, please. But by putting in some goodwill and national patriotism, I’m going to give it a chance.


Bhoot: The Haunted Ship

Ghost flick from India. I like the strong, crispy visuals, but besides from that it just looks like some generic jump-scare fest with a checklists of all the horror clichés. And Japan just called, by the way. They want their ghost back.


The Superdeep

Horror from Russia. The Kola Superdeep Borehole in the Pechengsky District was a project by some scientist where they would be drilling the world’s deepest hole in 1970. The hole is over 12,000 meters deep, and has to this day its place in the Guinness Records. It is now an abandoned place that is constantly attracting adventurous explorers. And it’s a perfect landmark to make a claustrophobic horror film, where The Thing meets The Descent meets Alien. And the effects seem to be practical old school, which is enough to pique my curiosity.


Ouija Shark

Oh my God.. is that a…shark?
Or… ghost?