A new episode of Bella Mortis Presents is out! It’s called «The White Cat» (patreon supporters got a couple preview pages of it in November).

«The White Cat» is the story of Otis, a middle-aged man who married his wife for her money, only to find out she’s a real cheapskate who refuses to spend money on anything that isn’t necessary. He decides to kill both his wife and her cat…but of course, things don’t go exactly as planned…

Short horror webcomic

You can read the comic here:


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  • Sage02 Says:

    ‘In Ulthar no man may kill a cat.’ 🙂

    That guy got what he deserved.

  • Tomte Says:

    Indeed, he got what he deserved!

    And that’s the second “The Cats of Ulthar” quote we’ve gotten (got one on Patreon a couple days ago). A classic H.P. Lovecraft story for all cat lovers 😉

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