This one is from from David Lynch’s masterpiece “Eraserhead” , one of my favorite movies. Drawn around 07/08 or maybe earlier..

Pinup Drawing

Been a good parent this year? No..? Then you really Better Watch Out!

Santa Drawing

Time for a new ride with the Wayback Machine. This one is from 2009.

Pinup Drawing

Castles and wilderness. Around 2008/09.


Scottish castle drawing

Lonely tower drawing

Old brick bridge drawing

An old Tim Burton style inspired skullhead. Not sure when I made this, maybe around 2003-04..

Tim Burton style skull

An old redneck hillbilly enjoying his rillo, beer/moonshine and Second Amendment.

Old Redneck

Here’s a quick Happy Easter card I made around 07/08:

Happy Easter

One of my many dear pumpkins. This one’s from 2009.

Pumpkin Monster

I just went through a lot of my old drawings, and found some really old stuff that I’d even forgotten all about. I won’t re-upload these to my gallery, but I thought it would be fun to show them off in a new series of blog posts that I will simply call “Wayback Machine”.

So, here is “Wayback Machine #1”: an old pinup drawing. I made it in 2007, so it’s 11 years old. This was before I started my “Pinups From Hell” series, but you could say this drawing was some kind of predecessor to that.

Horror pinup illustration